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fιηαℓℓy sταяτεd ℓιvιηg fσr τσdαy

fιηαℓℓy кησω τнατ ι ηεεdεd τo gяσω

ησω мy dεsτιηy cαη вεgιη ಌ
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what you see/is only scratching the surface/the real me is living inside the pen./so when you say you know me/put it in past tense/cause you knew the girl/who kept it all locked inside/before the woman/who let the pen go free.//... Nope, you wouldn't even recognize me anymore. -- KJF
Ki. Jersey resident. 21 years living. Employed. Single. Mixed up. Petite. Red-head(ish) & hazel green eyes.
A Little Deeper
Intelligent and street-wise, it's the best of both worlds. On a journey to my destiny - no time for negativity or dead weight, I'm breaking free and simply doing me. Embrace it or else mind ya own damn business, I won't stand for the drama and bullshit. Music and writing is my life, but as eclectic as I am, hip-hop and poetry always come first. I don't associate myself with many people simply because most people aren't meant to be in my life nor are they meant to be trusted. There are only a few people I actually trust, & I can count 'em on one hand. I rarely show my emotions. I laugh, I smile, I don't cry, but trust and believe, only those people can read me accurately enough to know what's actually going on in my head. Sarcastic as hell - it's the tristate area in me ;) Proud of where I came from, but only looking to the future cause I know I can freestyle my destiny. Spiritual, NOT religious & please don't push your beliefs on me, I'm not anybody's charity case or pet project. Want more? Add me first & comment.
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